Document Journal Issue No.10

Balenciaga S/S 2017 by Pieter Hugo


About Us

08 Media Productions was founded by fellow Swedes Anna-Eva Svensson Goodes and Ulrica Knutsdotter. The 08 in the Company's name is taken from the area code for Stockholm, capital of Sweden.

Both have been fortunate enough to live in Cape Town since the year 2000. Anna-Eva started out as a make-up artist based in Stockholm and later in Cape Town. In 2003 she became a producer at IG Productions, a company she successfully ran with her former partner. Ulrica has established herself as a fashion stylist, having worked for prominent local and international brands and publications.

Having spent their careers making a name for themselves in the fashion industry, this duo has fine-tuned their understanding of the business of production, is perceptive to individual requirements, and has a genuine love of photo production.

They have the knowledge to use tried and tested methods to achieve the results you desire, while finding inspiring new ways to realise your next project.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

08 Media Productions strives for environmental sustainability. Unused resources such as props, snacks, drinks etcetera that cannot be returned or refunded, are either donated or sold, with profits going towards charities of your choice or ours. At the moment we support Waves for Change

We try to cater using as much locally grown organic produce as possible. 08 Media Productions also has a no-waste policy, whereby leftover food from on-set catering is given to shelters for the homeless.


Our approach at 08 Media Productions hinges on total transparency. We ensure our quotes are as accurate and realistic as possible, as we do not believe in bad news after a production is complete. Whether it is crew salaries or model fees - what you see on your quote is what we pay our crew and talents. No cuts what so ever.



Quotes are done within 24 hours according to your productions requirements at no cost to you.


Your production is fully prepped according to your brief and requirements prior to the arrival of your team. Locations, models and props are optioned and presented to you via a secure, personal web link


We will provide you with all documentation necessary, and assist you every step of the way, so that the process is as smooth as possible.


With our extensive location database of Cape Town, locations in Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands, we compile tailor-made options according to your brief that are presented to you via a secure personal web link.


We source all vehicles that your production might require. From crew busses, equipment and props vehicles, production vans for hair, makeup, digital stations and clothing, to shoot car transportation, mobile cranes, and more.


Cape Town and surroundings have a huge offering of Hotels, Guesthouses, Private Villas and any other type of accommodation to suit your production needs. Our relationship with the various establishments provide extremely competitive rates.

Casting & Models

Cape Town has many local agencies for professional models, characters & kids, servicing the Cape Town production industry for many years. We provide an online pre cast if needed and a final casting upon your arrival. Availability status is continuously tracked and updated. 


Cape Town offers a number of professional prop houses and set-builders of international standard.


We work with all the leading names in both rig and photographic equipment such as Quick Rig, Move n Shoot, Profoto, Briese, Arri, Hasselblad, Canon

Freight & Customs

A Carnet is needed for all clothing, accessories, photo equipment and other production equipment brought into the country for your stills production. We oversee all Freight handling and clearing, and recommend this as a cost effective option.


Our Standard insurance package includes Public Liability, Passenger Liability and Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance. Insurance for locations and props are optional. Should your production require such additional insurance, we will notify and present you with the various production insurance options.


We try to cater using as much locally grown organic produce as possible, and are happy to accommodate any special dietary requirements. 08 Media Productions also has a no-waste policy, whereby leftover food from on-set catering is given to shelters for the homeless. 


Each member of our crew is handpicked and very professional. They include production managers, seamstresses, ironing ladies, manicurists, makeup and hair artists, stylists, photographic/digital assistants, set builders, greensmen, animal wranglers, auto detailers and the like.

Airport Transfers

We manage all airport transfers for each and everyone. Our drivers carry a sign with the client name at pick up and will make sure that you get to the airport in good time for check in and departure. They are in direct contact with the airlines to stay up to date with delays or cancellations.



Location is everything....

 We have thousands of locations in our database. Whether it is a specific brief, or if you simply want some inspiration, contact us directly and we will put together a weblink for you.




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Anna-Eva Svensson Goodes   
+27 82 304 4433

Ulrica Knutsdotter
+27 72 488 0963

Nageela Bailey
+27 72 489 0419

08Media Productions Ltd
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