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Welcome to 08 Media Productions

My name is Anna-Eva, and I come from Sweden, but Cape Town has been my home since the year 2000. I’ve been involved in the photo/film industry for 30 years, and I have worked all over the world. My experiences abroad and international portfolio have given me a unique understanding of the business of production and the importance of being perceptive to a client’s needs. But I think what matters even more than this is the fact that I really love what I do. Photos and film are my passion, and I live for beautiful images.

At 08 Media we specialise in stills and video shoots in Cape Town, on the African continent and the Indian Ocean Islands. We will take care of all of your production needs with flair, skill and professionalism. Feel free to explore our website to see more of what we offer.

*"Hi" or "hello" in Swedish

our work


behind the scenes


csr (corporate social responsibility)

Long words with a simple meaning: we care about the environment, and really hate waste. Things that can’t be returned or refunded are donated or sold, and all profits go to a charity of your choice or ours.

no BS

There’s a lot of it in this industry, but our ethos is total transparency. Whether it’s salaries, model fee or location rates, we keep our quotes accurate, fair and realistic. Reputation counts for a lot, and we’ve worked hard to maintain ours.


Quotes are free of charge and issued within 24 hours.


When your team arrives, everything will be fully prepped in accordance with your specific requirements. Locations, models and props are optioned and presented to you via a secure, personal web link.

visas / documentation

We sort out all this boring paperwork for you and are there to provide help and assistance every step of the way.

location, location, location

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to locations in the gorgeous Mother City, and we know all the best ones. We also have great options elsewhere on the African continent and the Indian Ocean islands if that’s what you’re after. These will be presented to you via secure, personal weblink.

planes, cranes and automobiles

We’ll source whatever wheels you need, whether it’s crew buses, cranes or production vans. Just say the word and we’ll make it happen.


Being one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the world, Cape Town has a huge selection of world-class hotels, guest houses, private villas or anything else you’re looking for to suit your production needs. The good relationships we have with many of these establishments means you’ll get extremely competitive rates.

casting & models

Servicing the city’s flourishing film production industry are a range of local agencies providing professional models, characters and kids. If necessary, we are happy to arrange an on-line pre-cast followed by a final casting when you arrive. To keep you in the loop, our team continually tracks and updates availability status. (Also, our girls are gorgeous).


Cape Town plays host to a number of professional prop houses and set builders of international standard (we didn’t become the world’s favourite movie-shoot city for nothing).


We work with all the leading names in rig and photographic equipment, including Quick Rig, Move n Shoot, Profoto, Briese, Arri, Hasselblad and Canon.

freight & customs

A Carnet is necessary for the clothing, accessories, photo equipment and other production necessities brought into the country. We oversee all freight handling and clearing, and recommend this as the most cost-effective option.


Our standard insurance package includes Public Liability, Passenger Liability and Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance. Insurance for locations and props is optional. Should your production require additional insurance for whatever reason, we will inform you of the different options.

let them eat . . . organic

Whether we’re feeding vegans or carnivores, we use as much locally-grown, organic produce as possible. Any leftover food from on-set catering is donated to shelters for the homeless. We like it when nobody goes hungry.


Every member of our team has been hand-picked for their professionalism and overall awesomeness. Our crew includes production managers, seamstresses, ironing maestros, makeup artists, hair stylists, photographic/digital assistants, builders, greensmen, animal handlers, auto detailers and more.

airport transfers

We’ll make sure nobody gets lost or misses their plane. A sign with your name on it makes us easy to find. We’ll deliver you safely to your destination, and give you plenty of time for check-in. To avoid unnecessary waiting around, we stay in contact with the airlines and keep abreast of any delays or cancellations.